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March 2019
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Bulk profile deletion on Windows machines

On public computers where is a lot of users (for example schools), administrators often need to clear disks and delete users profiles, because a lot of profiles can use a lot of space on disks. This problem needs to be solved, especially when you use SSD disks with a smaller capacity. For this purpose you need to clear the disk and [...]

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Own monitoring script in PowerShell

Server monitoring is important part of every infrastructure. For basic (and free) monitoring you can use simple PowerShell script and Task Scheduler. You can write your own script or you can use any available script for example from Technet Script Center. I also use one script from Script Center. This script reads list of servers from [...]

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Changing default location of OneDrive

In the default settings is OneDrive folder located on drive C. But in many cases can be appropriate to change the location to different disk. For example if you have small SSD only for system and apps and you want to have data on a different drive. So here is a guide how to move OneDrive folder. In the left pane of Explorer click on the [...]

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Windows 8 Fast Startup

Fast Startup (knows also as a Hybrid Shutdown or Hybrid Boot) is a new feature in Windows 8, which is designed for faster operating system startup. This feature uses hiberfile.sys, which is also used for hibernation, but unlike hibernation, this file can be much smaller, because into the file is not saved all system state, but only [...]

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