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Welcome to my blog! If you are looking for IT tutorials, tips or tricks, you are right here. You'll mainly find articles about Microsoft products and technologies - operating systems, servers, virtualization, networks, management, and cloud. Sometimes I add some other interesting things.

March 2019
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Annual statistics of my home server

It is exactly a year since I’ve put into operation my first home server. That’s why I come back with light eyes, what all this server passed. Since September 26, 2009 I have the following hardware: Fortron ATX3025 HEN-250W OEM ModeCom STEP 203 Black Pegatron IPX7-ION + Kingston SO-DIMM 2 gigabytes DDR2 800MHz WD Caviar Green [...]

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

LAMP + jabber server

Due to the fact that now I have quite a lot of time, so I played with my home server. I decided that in the context of self-education I try to create full-featured web server + jabber server. So I set to it… First I installed the LAMP (Linux Apache + MySQL + PHP). It was not so difficult. I just installed it from the repository. [...]

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

New disks in home server

So I added three 1TB drives to my home server. The discs are connected in RAID 5, which forms a barrier for the failure of one disk. This protection is enough for me. The server at this moment has four 1TB hard drives – three of which are in RAID 5 and one is independent backed up to an external 1TB drive. The total available disk [...]

Lukas BeranLukas Beran