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Lukas Beran

Welcome to my blog! If you're looking for tutorials, hints or tips for IT, you're right here. You will find mostly articles on Microsoft products and technologies - operating systems, servers, virtualization, networks, management, but also the cloud. Sometimes I add some other interesting things.

March 2021


Lukas Beran

Lukas Beran

My primary focus is the security of identities, devices and data in the cloud using Microsoft services, technologies and tools.

DMARC validation in Office 365

DMARC is together with SPF and DKIM another technology protecting you against phishing and spoofing. Implementing DMARC with SPF and DKIM provides additional layer of protection. This validation uses DNS records where are specified mail servers authorized for sending emails from your domain. Differences between SPF and DMARC The [...]

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

How to allow Hyper-V live migrations

Live migrations allow to migrate running virtual servers from one Hyper-V host to another. Live migrations are not load balancing nor failover clustering, it’s just moving a VM from one host to another requested by admin for example when you buy another host and you want to distribute the load. How to allow Hyper-V live […]

Lukas BeranLukas Beran