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September 2018


Change the address from to your own domain

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

For Azure AD Connect synchronized domains, I find it quite common that a customer sets up the synchronization itself, but does not read documentation describing the preparation before deploying Azure AD Connect. This usually results in using a local domain in the local Active Directory (the .local domain) and does not have a publicly routable domain added. As a result, user accounts are created in the cloud on the default domain instead of on their own domain. And because of that the outgoing mail has the form , which of course nobody wants 🙂

How to change to your own domain

The solution (and indeed the right preparation) is, fortunately, very simple.

You must add a publicly routable domain on which you want to run mail to your local Active Directory. In Active Directory Domains and Trusts, therefore, we add a new domain in the form of as an alternative UPN suffix.

This new UPN suffix must then be set to all users either directly as UPN, or we can select an attribute mail (in the form of a full e-mail address ) or ProxyAddress (in the form of ). If we do not want to click it manually, we can automate it using PowerShell for example to change the UPN

(Source: Prepare a non-routable domain for directory synchronization)

If you have not started the synchronization process, you can now run it and user accounts will be created with the correct address on your own domain.

If you have already started the process and you are just fixing the problem, it is necessary to force the complete synchronization cycle for Azure AD Connect

Now just wait for the synchronization to finish and the problem is resolved 🙂

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