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September 2013


Windows 8 Fast Startup

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

Fast Startup (knows also as a Hybrid Shutdown or Hybrid Boot) is a new feature in Windows 8, which is designed for faster operating system startup. This feature uses hiberfile.sys, which is also used for hibernation, but unlike hibernation, this file can be much smaller, because into the file is not saved all system state, but only kernel session and drivers.

When the computer is starting up, it’s not a cold boot (complete initialization of the system), but is only read this file, from which are loaded necessary information and is then is loaded only user environment. Using this feature, you can save 30 – 70% of boot time. You can find more information at MSDN blog.

If you want to change the setting, you have to be administrator of the computer. Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options and from the left menu choose Choose what the power buttons do. On the upper part click Change settings that are currently unavailable. On the bottom part you’ll see Shutdown settings, where is also Turn on fast startup.

You can use Fast Startup only if you have allowed hibernation.

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