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September 2013


File History in Windows 8

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

File history is an automatic backup of files in libraries, contacts, favorites, Microsoft SkyDrive and desktop. Using this feature you can recover deleted or corrupted files from the mentioned locations. File history also has all versions of the files, so you can recover older version of a file.

You can turn on File History from Control Panel\System and Security\File History. In the left menu, choose Select drive where you can choose location for the backups. You can also choose a network path. Now you can turn the file history on by Turn on button.

If you want to exclude some folders, you can do it by Exclude folders in the left menu.

In the Advanced settings menu you can set how often you want to backup your files, how long you want to keep your backups and how much space you want to use for a cache.

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