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July 2013


Working with computing tasks in Microsoft HPC – PowerShell

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

In today’s last post about management of computing jobs in Microsoft HPC I will show how to manage jobs using PowerShell.

Controlling computing cluster using PowerShell is possible either running classic Windows PowerShell and loading PowerShell snap-in Microsoft.HPC using Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.HPC or by running HPC PowerShell directly on the server.

First you will need cmdlet Get-HpcJob, which is for listing all jobs on the cluster. We can filter the list by the state.

For editing a job is cmdlet Set-HpcJob. This cmdlet can edit all parameters.

For deleting a job is cmdlet Stop-HpcJob.

For exporting a job to an XML file we can use cmdlet Export-HpcJob.

For listing all computing tasks in a job is cmdlet Get-HpcTask.

For editing computing task in a job is cmdlet Set-HpcTask.

For stopping computing task in a job is cmdlet Stop-HpcTask.

And we can export computing task to an XML file using cmdlet Export-HpcTask.

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