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July 2013


Working with computing tasks on Microsoft HPC – Job Manager

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

The second part of working with tasks on Microsoft’s HPC is view job status, editing running and not running jobs, copying jobs, and stopping tasks again by straightforward instructions. All from the HPC Job Manager.

View the status of computing tasks

Tasks can be filtered by their state or the owner using the left menu in the Job Manager.

Basic job status can be seen in the list of all jobs. To view more details about the task, double clicking on the task you can open the details.

On the Job progress tab, you can see the status of open tasks and jobs report detailing the current status. Job Details tab shows the initial setup of tasks. On the View Tasks tab you can display computer processes of the job and see details of individual processes. Resource Selection tab allows you to view the selected resources to the task and tab Allocated Nodes shows the computational nodes assigned task.

Edit computing tasks

To edit the task, select the task in the list of tasks and in the right menu, select Modify Job.

Cancel computing tasks

If you want to cancel any computing task, you can do so using the Cancel Job.

Copy computing tasks

If you want to create a new computing task with the same or similar settings, as has already created another task, the easiest way is to select Copy Job in the right menu of actions. The job is copied with the same settings as the original job.

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