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July 2013


How to add drivers to installation image

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

Adding drivers to an installation media of the operating system can be useful, if we need drivers available during the installation process or immediately after installing the operating system. At the beginning it is necessary to mention that in the installation image, we should add only those drivers we really need to install the system and for the first startup. Adding additional drivers significantly increases the size of the installation media, and significantly increases installation time. Recommended is therefore to integrate only the drivers for disk controllers, network cards or USB 3.0 if you install from a flash drive connected to a USB 3.0.

  1. On your desktop create a folder winpe.
  2. From the installation media that you want to modify, copy the file sources\boot.wim to folder winpe that you created.
  3. In the winpe folder, create folders winpe and mount.
  4. Copy the drivers that you want to integrate to folder winpe\drivers. These are files *.inf and affiliated to them *.sys or *.cat.
  5. Open command prompt with elevated rights (Run as administrator on the cmd.exe) and enter:
  6. Copy the modified boot.wim file back to the installation media to a folder sources.

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