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February 2013
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Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

For a long time I was looking forward to a new mobile phone, which was to be my successor to the Samsung Galaxy S, with whom I was extremely dissatisfied. Originally, in the spring of 2012, the choice fell on the Samsung Galaxy S III (I briefly considered and HTC One X, while showing the Galaxy S III was stalled), but in the end I decided to wait for new phones with Windows Phone 8 and I certainly did well.

By the time I decided to phone with Windows Phone 8, it was clear that the choice will fall on the new Lumia flagship. At that time not yet known name or technical specifications of the phone, so I waited impatiently for September, when the new phones should be introduced.

In September came first disappointment for a term of beginning handsets sold, which was also delayed in the US compared to competing HTC with Windows Phone. The second disappointment came when even with the passage of time is still not clear when the Lumia begin shipping in the country. Initial reports spoke of the beginning of December, which for me was more acceptable term. As time progresses, but the date is still stalled, and it was obvious that there will be no new Lumia by the of the year. By the end fo the year there was an information that the Lumia will be available at the end of January. So I was still waiting for the phone. But when the end of January came, information appeared that the phones will be in March or April, about half a year after the start of sales elsewhere in the world, I took me patience and I ordered the phone from abroad.

Now, after more than two weeks with the phone, I can say that this is the best phone I’ve ever had in my hand and I do not regret the purchase. For example, when compared with Android 4, Windows Phone 8 comes as a much more modern and advanced system. The phone is lightning-fast, never gets stuck, never waiting for anything. From the first run was no need to restart, and no freezing. When compared with the friend’s Samsung Galaxy S II, which has the same amount of RAM and nearly the same dual-core CPU, the Lumia is much brisker. From my side, the decision is quite clear – Android never more.

I appreciate the excellent interconnection with Microsoft, which I use – e-mail ( and Office 365), calendar, tasks, contacts, SkyDrive. Everything works perfectly without any settings, simply enter your name and password. It has a great camera and 32 GB of internal storage. The one-piece design of the phone is solid, nothing creaks.

Perfect is a contact management. All contacts of the interconnected networks are in a People hub, where all information is gathered from all accounts added (, Exchange, Office 365, Hotmail, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo), including photos and complete information. One person from different networks can be of course interconnected (very accurately automatically), so one can see, for example, a contact telephone number, e-mail downloaded in all available places, website, company name, birthday and other information. On the other tabs are then contact news, which are downloaded from all available networks, all photos from all available networks, and full communication history with the contact. Everything is of course synchronized with the Microsoft account, so it can not be that I lost some contacts or is not quickly available through the web. People hub is an excellent center providing all available information on individual contacts.

Another great thing is the Messages, which again integrates all available services for communication between users. It integrates not only classical SMS and MMS messages, but as well as all messages from Facebook, Messenger and Skype. In the message settings, it is possible to determine which services to integrate messaging and the ability to adjust your status to these services. So if you set up to connect with Facebook, and someone sends me a Facebook message, I can quickly and easily respond. In doing so, at first glance, does not see a difference between regular and SMS messages from online networks, all face the same way, only with reports mention that, for example, Facebook.

Finally, I would mention e-mail client and Office. Personal and work e-mail is important to me and on Android I missed a really good client. Windows Phone has the perfect client included within the operating system. Does a very good job with attachments, is lightning-fast and overall it’s the best mobile e-mail client, with whom I met. Equally Office are excellent and I have not found any Android application that is as good as this app.

I also ordered wireless charging plate, which is pretty addictive thing. Whenever I’m at the table, just put the phone on the charging plate and the phone begins to charge. Thanks to that I still have a charged battery, and it can not happen to me that I have a problem with a battery life that is passing on this type of phone a very above average.

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