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March 2012
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New Intel 520 SSD

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

In this article I’ll write a my experience with new Intel SSD 520 SSD (180 GB), which I bought to my laptop HP ProBook 6450b. I was thinking about SSD for quite a long time. I wanted Intel 320, which was very convenient for laptops because of its low power consumption. But the original price was quite high and 120 GB was not enough for me completely, so I was still waiting.

As further into my eye fell Crucial M4 256 GB version. The price was relatively reasonable, but the disc was I supposed to fears of manufacturer support and the warranty of 2 years is not anything special. That’s why I decided to wait for the arrival of a new generation of Intel SSDs – Intel 520.

When the disk appeared on the market, it was pretty clear that I want it. 180 GB version for me was sufficient in terms of capacity, so I was just waiting for it to be in the Czech e-shops more widely and drops the price.

I ordered the disk for a price slightly over CZK 6,000 with VAT, with a five-year warranty from Alfacomp. As the disc arrived, the first thing I did was test whether a firmware update is available. So I booted Intel utility and I found that the drive firmware is up to date. It is important to know that there is a need to switch the controller to IDE mode, otherwise the utility does not detect the disk. The subsequent installation of the system was the standard way without a problem. The first application I installed was Intel SSD Toolbox to convince myself that everything is fine.

No further problems have occurred, no problems with BSOD, the system goes to sleep without a problem. Working on a laptop is significantly faster than with HDD (original WD Scorpio Black 500 GB), the application starts almost immediately, and all reactions are lightning. The indisputable advantage is the sheer quietness laptop, since 95% of the time with the notebook runs off the fan and the only sound was the clicking noise and therefore after an exchange with SSD it’s completely gone.

At the initial introduction to the SSD, I was inspired by Optimizing Windows 7 for SSD (in Czech). I have a disk controller in AHCI mode because I use mainly the speed of reading a large number of small files. It is also advisable to check whether it is turned off automatic defragmentation in Windows, which for me was not. Since I do not use hibernation, I completely banned it, so I saved 4 GB of disk space. As the last I changed the setting of the paging file, which is basically the set automatic configuration and I chose pagefile a fixed size of 2 GB. Important things appear in Intel SSD Toolbox System Tuner.

It’s recommended to use System Optimizer at least once a week for better performance.

Here are performance screenshots of my SSD which I use for operating system and applications.

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