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December 2011
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iTunes Match on Windows

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

After the official launch of iTunes Match in the US, I thought it was a cool thing, which I also appreciated. But after the past experience, I didn’t believe that it will come to the Czech Republic. Fortunately, we have iTunes Match in the Czech Republic, so I decided to share with you the feelings in practice on Windows.

The service was officially launched at night from Thursday Dec 15 to Friday Dec 16, and that probably caused overloading of Apple infrastructure and the whole of Europe suffered downtime.

In the evening at home, I dusted off my Apple ID, I downloaded the latest version of iTunes from Apple website and tried to log on. Everything went without major problems. I added the required data to my account, and purchased iTunes Match for €24.99. So I started to upload my music collection to iCloud. The first part was relatively fast. Less than 5,000 tracks was just “matched” with songs from the iTunes Store. The remaining approximately 1,300 songs already had to be copied into the iCloud, which, in my upload speeds of 3 Mbps lasted several hours.

On Saturday, I took a break and I just tried options including the entire iTunes iCloud. With the songs on my computer at that moment nothing happened, remained unchanged. I knew that on Sunday I’ll have to go to the office, where the Internet is really fast, so I was at that time planned deleting my music collection from my PC and re-download from iCloud to supplement labels, covers, proper names, and in most cases even to increase the quality of songs.

On Sunday, I therefore began to download. Entire download about 42GB of music lasted a few hours, Apple’s servers are pumping really very decent speed.

The result is that the music folder is really big mess. Folders have somehow different names for the same artist. The exception is not just folder names with numbers. Most of the songs really has perfectly filled with the names of all descriptions as well as the covers. Quality is the promised 256 kbps AAC format. Unfortunately, some songs have inaccurate descriptions or names. Somewhere missing to close parenthesis, sometimes it is again full name in lowercase letters. Cool thing is that it’s a permanent backup of all my music. Moreover, it is also good for synchronization between my devices. Just connect a supported device / application and all the music you see can be streamed directly or downloaded directly to the device. Personally, what I see big plus for saving disk space. In the case of SSDs still has small capacities, it can be a very welcome thing – the music does not have to be physically at the computer, but through iTunes player can be run from anywhere without restrictions. Nowadays, fast Internet connections without any data limitations, it is absolutely hassle free thing and you may not even know that the music is not played directly from the hard disk.

This service for me is a big plus. As the first truly offers a very good and well-knit service, which is available all over the world, yet its price is not excessive. Only it’s missing is more options in the settings for sorting downloaded music on the disc and fine-tune some imperfect descriptions of songs.

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