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September 2010
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Annual statistics of my home server

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

It is exactly a year since I’ve put into operation my first home server. That’s why I come back with light eyes, what all this server passed.

Since September 26, 2009 I have the following hardware:

At Christmas I expanded disk capacity and I bought 3 pieces of 1TB WD10EADS from which I created the data RAID 5 array. The whole machine is running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Regarding software, I use an FTP server (proftpd 1.3.2b), MySQL server(5.1.41-3ubuntu12.3), web server (Apache/2.2.14), phpMyAdmin (3.3.2deb1), SSH, SCP, statistics data transfer via GKrellM, Monitorix for comprehensive monitoring server, Transmission, JDownloader, Samba, print server, jabber server running on openfire 3.6.4.

The entire server is connected to a local gigabit network. Internet is connected using symmetrical 8 Mbit/s connection with a public IP address accessible via a domain name.

The server is also used as a data storage and backup place for 4 computers in the local network.

The longest uptime server is 86 days, 3 hours and 9 minutes, which reached right now (running nonstop since July 1, 2010, 7:26 pm). During this time it handled 12,527,757 MySQL database queries, which is ~1.62 queries per second, and transfered 1,469 MB of data. Total traffic that passed through the server since its acquisition (the past 365 days), is 6,898.97 GB, which is ~18.9 GB per day.

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