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December 2009
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New disks in home server

Lukas BeranLukas Beran

So I added three 1TB drives to my home server. The discs are connected in RAID 5, which forms a barrier for the failure of one disk. This protection is enough for me. The server at this moment has four 1TB hard drives – three of which are in RAID 5 and one is independent backed up to an external 1TB drive. The total available disk capacity is 3TB – 2TB from 3 pieces of 1TB drives in RAID 5, and 1TB from independent disk.

RAID 5 is a software RAID created using mdadm. In the event of failure of one disk I receive notice to my email. This notice is part of mdadm and uses the SMTP server created using the ssmtp. After the failure of a disk, the array will be in degraded state, all data are retained and are available, but they are no longer protected. Therefore it is necessary to replace the disk as soon as possible and recalculate the parity.

Server is used for home data storage for home computers in the network and for backup. Should anyone be interested in the details of hardware assembly and software on the server, or would like some advice on the setting, contact me.

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